An integrative approach to healing ourselves and our world: honoring people, plants, planet

Holistic Therapy for the Mind-Body-Spirit

Opening to expose the beauty within.

Opening to expose the beauty within.

Holli Richey, LCSW, RH(AHG)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Registered Herbalist

Appointments available at the office
To schedule call:  (423) 240-4578
Holli Richey, LCSW, RH(AHG) is a clinically-trained herbalist and counselor who combines the traditional use of herbs with current scientific research to assure quality, safety and efficacy.

Coming from a holistic perspective, Wellness Consultations focus on the health of the whole person, mind-emotions-body-spirit. Herbs, food, and simple lifestyle changes can make gentle, yet profound, shifts in a person’s health.

We begin wherever you are, with the goal being your highest and best. Through the intention of holding a safe space for the deep work of addressing emotional patterns that no longer serve, clients can find the insight and inner-strength needed to heal.


Customized herbal formulas are blended by Holli Richey. Holli uses the highest quality, practitioner-grade herbs available from sources who comply with Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA, and have quality and safety integrity. Clients receive their herbal formula after their consult with instructions and guidelines. Holli Richey has a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute), the first accredited graduate school in the United States to offer a masters degree in herbal medicine. She has studied with internationally recognized herbalists and naturopaths who continue to use an empowering, whole-person oriented approach to support wellness.

What people are saying

“Meeting Holli Richey in an herbal consultation was an experience of being met, seen, heard, and known.  With her support, I learned to know myself better, particularly how to nourish my body with the foods and environment for eating that help me keep well.  Holli’s knowledge of plants, using each for its distinctive character and property, served me very well.”
Mary, Baltimore
Fiddleheads are wild foods.

What do you notice? What do you see? Pay attention. Fiddleheads of Christmas Fern, Ellicot City, MD

“I wanted again to tell you how much I appreciate your teaching demeanor.  The content you offered was wonderful, but it was your delivery that made it so accessible. It’s real, level-headed, and firmly anchored in the physical world. As a teacher, I recognize excellence when I see it. Truly good teachers should be praised long before the eulogy.” Mark Warren, Medicine Bow: A primitive school of earth lore in the North GA Mountains.

“You write the most fascinating columns!” Athens Banner-Herald reader

“This new series of articles is the best thing the Banner-Herald has done in decades. Ms. Richey’s writing is superb and her articles are so useful! It’s refreshing to find something so original and relevant in the Banner-Herald.” Athens Banner-Herald reader

“So far we have Tim Dondero and Holli Richey writing interesting articles for the ABH. This is very promising.” Athens Banner-Herald reader

Lichen Heart in moss at Rock Town, GA

I lichen this mossy heart. Rock Town, GA

“Holli, it was such a pleasure to meet you and hear your presentation on medicinal plants! As I’m sure you could tell from the number of questions and comments the students had, your presentation was quite a hit! I could have stayed & picked your brain for hours and not even let the students have a chance. I do hope that we can work together again to educate more people about the importance of these tasty, inexpensive (now) ways to support our health. Thanks for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with Brenau Nursing Students.”

Dr. Judy Bradberry, Professor of Nursing, Brenau University

Dancing with the daffodils at Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD

Dancing with the daffodils at Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD

“I went on your medicinal plants walk at Cedar Hill in September and truly enjoyed it, was deeply energized by all that I learned.” Diane Thomas, Georgia, author of the novel The Year the Music Changed


We become more beautiful as we weather with age. Driftwood, South Carolina Coast

We become more beautiful as we weather with age. Driftwood, South Carolina Coast

“You certainly brought a lot into my life in one hike. Thank you for helping me to see the beauty of a tree.” Joyce, Alpharetta, GA
Be curious. Sarracenia, bog plant, Ithaca, NY

Be curious. Sarracenia, bog plant, Ithaca, NY


Comments on: "Holistic Therapy for the Mind-Body-Spirit" (3)

  1. Holli, I wanted to buy the Japanese Knotweed for the resveratrol….produce it myself….it is very expensive in the vitamin stores….I don’t want to plant it but would like to find a source in Dallas, tx to purchase the shoots or just pick them….thanks, A.

  2. Judy Newton said:

    Enjoyed your Native Medicinal Plants course so much. Thanks for all the info.

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