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Pomegranates Grow in Georgia

Pomegranate Tree/Shrub at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia in Athens.

Pomegranates are a nutrient-dense food with stunning color, and versatile uses. Originally from an area between Iran and the Himalayas, they’ve been grown in the US for over 100 years, but mostly in California and Florida. Pomegranates can withstand the cold without damage until about 12 degrees F. If growing them in Georgia, it would help to plant them in an area protected from the wind. Also, pomegranates are drought-tolerant and prefer dry soil.  A popular US cultivar that is an abundant fruit producer is ‘Wonderful’.

The pomegranate pictured is ‘Toyosho’, one of at least two species growing at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia. Three plants are grouped to make a huge shrub/tree. The flowers are double, resembling carnations. There is no reason why we can’t landscape with plants for use and beauty.

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