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About this time of year in Georgia, adding mint leaves to your chilled water can do the body-mind good.

Mint water in my recycled glass pitcher

Not only does it taste refreshing, but a study published in 2010* shows that all varieties of mint studied are capable of relieving anxiety and lifting your mood. Research also showed that mints are neuroprotective, containing antioxidants which protect central nervous system cells from oxidative stress.

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) had the highest amount of antioxidants and mood lifting qualities out of all the mints studied. Water mint (Mentha aquatica) had the highest potential for lowering anxiety.

Mint is so incredibly easy to grow anywhere. Give it room to roam, or grow it in pots. And use it liberally! You can either chop the leaves or add them whole as they are in the photo. The aromatic oils will quickly flavor the water in minutes.

I also add a little mint (spearmint) to my potato salad which gives it a little pizazz.

*Lopez, V., et al (2010). Neuroprotective and neurochemical properties of mint extracts.     Phytotherapy Research, 24, 869-874.

Comments on: "Mint Water: Refreshing & Uplifting" (4)

  1. And you’re only two steps away from a mint julep just add one part bourbon and a little simple syrup

    • Yes, the iconic Southern drink. Mint water, though, would be good for everybody, including those who are looking for nonalcoholic drinks that can help them to relax. I should add that Peppermint aggravates GERD, so people with GERD might be the only ones for whom this simple drink wouldn’t be good. Thank you for your comment!

  2. I totally agree that mint is so easy to grow so it is best to grow it in a container so that it becomes maintainance free and you have it ready to use with no pesticides. I have to research the benefits of mint that have been scientifically tested and put it on my site. Mint is amazing to have both as a preventive and as aftercare. I love your refreshing drink!

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